The Odyssey of Jose Hernandez

Jackson Nielsen

There are few men willing to make the walk to battle against formidable foes. Few men, within their lifetimes, will stand across from another man and look them in the eyes knowing they will be attempting to inflict damage and impose their will on the other. To make that walk, into the unknown, takes a special breed of human, a true fighter in every sense of the word. Through highs and lows, the man known as Nano has put his nose to the grindstone in an attempt to perfect his craft and reach new heights, those of which are not known to the average person. Jose Hernandez is the epitome of a warrior.

Walking to the Legacy Fighting Alliance octagon on a drizzly Friday night, Jose knew who he was up against. A Division I wrestler, hailing from the University of Minnesota where he earned All-American honors at the national tournament in 2019. Despite the accolades this man had accumulated as a wrestler and in his stint as a mixed marialist, Nano signed the dotted line in order to test his metal against the best. Fearing no man, he stood across from his opponent and looked him in the eyes, preparing for the conflict that would ensue. 

Throughout the fight, Nano showed the highest degree of heart a man can show in times of adversity. Never settling for positions and never giving up, he battled through three hard rounds of fighting in an attempt to get his hand raised once the dust had settled. Unfortunately, for Jose and his strong fan base, the outcome was not in his favor. But with that said, a mental battle was won. One in which Jose knows he’s on another level, few can hang with the level of striking he brings to the table. He forced his opponent to respect his boxing, leaving him to resort to his high level of wrestling in order to capture the victory. At the end of the night, Jose walked away defeated.

But this isn’t the end of Jose “Nano” Hernandez’ story. He may be knocked down but he will not be knocked out. If he gets taken down six times, he will stand up seven. His resiliency is unparalleled and when times call for it he will dust himself off, reload, and rengage. Continuing to build upon his skills until he makes that walk again and is looking battle right in the eyes.