David Carr and His Unabridged Writing

Jackson Nielsen

David Carr, of the New York TImes, has a very interesting story to be told. In his article Me and My Girls, Carr chronicles his life in such a raw unwieldy fashion that leaves you hooked from the very beginning. Becoming addicted to crack cocaine early in his adult life, Carr narrates what his life looked like as an addict while also being a journalist simultaneously. Carr holds nothing back in detailing his past transgressions, leaving it all on the page for the reader to judge as harshly as the please. He tells his story as it was, not covering anything up to make the story any more pleasant. Instead, he is as real as he can be. This was my first look into who David Carr was, and I had to read more from this writer who could be so vulnerable in his writing. This is what led me to Twitter Is All in Good Fun, Until It Isn’t.

In this article by Daivd Carr, he comments on the suspension of Roland Martin’s from CNN. The suspension came about due to a potentially homophobic tweet about a Super Bowl commercial. Carr goes on to detail about how Twitter is more useful for “snap judgments” instead of long, thought-out ideas.  In regard to Martin’s suspension for his tweet, I can understand it. Companies usually have long lists of policies and their employees are a representation for who the company is. So for someone who may have more outreach than the “average joe”, it may be a good idea to hold yourself to a higher standard. But it could then be argued that he was only exercising his free speech, something he should be familiar with being a journalist and all. But again, as someone with a far greater outreach than most, you must be able to separate your work from your own personal feelings. 

Carr concluded this article by stating that what could have been chalked up for some knuckleheaded banter can land in a completely different way for some people. Which is why it may be best to think things through before putting them out into the world forever. This may be a tall task though as it would appear as though no matter what someone says, in today’s climate, there will be someone who takes offense to it.