Van in front of Grand Tetons

People of… Boulder

Jackson Nielsen

I’ll start with that I’m a guitar player and society does what it does. Society wanted me to break my back lifting people’s refrigerators, I told them no but they won’t let me play in clubs and stuff because I don’t kiss ass. But I played in the subway for 20 years in Chicago, um, got paid but no one considers this kind of pay, actual pay, so I drank it… and had a great time.But I said, “I was out here 30 years ago” and I said “I’m going to do that”, because the subway is a dark, dank, lonely, subway but the people are great. But, I came out here to do this and make this work. But yeah, that’s what I’m doing. I play out here and I do well enough that people who like me, pay me and no one else can say anything against me. They can say things like “you suck” but then they’d have to be put to the test, well, let’s compare. Let’s see what I sound like compared to what you say is good and they refuse everytime, because I’ve been working on it, damnit. But that’s pretty much it.