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It; A Masterful Work by Stephen King

Jackson Nielsen

I recently had the pleasure of finally cracking open one of Stephen King’s most legendary works, It. As a fan of all of King’s books that I’ve read, I was excited to read through the nearly 1,100 pages of this epic adventure. Set in Derry, Maine, this book centers around a group of kids who have given themselves the name “The Losers Club”. The death of Bill Denbrough’s little brother begins a string of mysterious murders and disappearances of many of the local children in Derry. The Loser’s take notice of this and are forced to navigate a troubling time in their hometown.

Throughout this book, the reader follows two different storylines, one that takes place in 1958 and the other in 1985. In this, we get to know the characters both as children and as grown adults. I loved the way that Stephen King integrated both storylines so that they flowed into one another, it is some seriously brilliant writing. Both storylines have many similarities in that they are both trying to stop the evil force of It as it continues to kill children in the town of Derry. But it is interesting reading how they go about it in two different stages of life. I really liked how the two storylines were different yet they still had many similarities in the way that they played out. The goal of the main characters was the same, as well as the disturbing, paranormal occurrences that took place both for the kids and the adults.

As far as the scariness and thrill-factor of this book goes, I wasn’t necessarily as freaked out as I have been reading other books. There were definitely exciting segments of the novel and parts that included more gore than you would find in other genres. But to say this is the scariest book of King’s would not be a true statement. But this did not subtract from the masterful writing and grand adventure that is contained within the pages. Overall, I really enjoyed this book and would recommend it to the readers who read this review. Stephen King is one of my favorite authors so I may be biased in this recommendation so it is up to you to form your own opinions on It.