Editorial Policy and Claims No. 2

Jackson Nielsen

Policy claim: The creation of powerful artificial intelligence softwares has led to detrimental effects on society which is why there needs to be more restrictions on what these softwares are allowed to do for the general public.


Supporting claims: 

  • The use of deepfakes has contributed to an unsafe atmosphere online.
  • “Several states have already signed bills into law that address acute risks of AI, including its potential to exacerbate hiring discrimination or create deepfakes that could disrupt elections. About a dozen states have passed laws that require the government to study the technology’s impact on employment, privacy and civil rights.”
  • There is currently no federal privacy law in the United States to protect an individual’s information from tech companies. 
  • Although there are many great things that can be gained from the use of artificial intelligence, like anything that is unregulated, artificial intelligence can and is abused from a lack of regulation.
  • Global cooperation will be needed in order to enforce regulations of artificial intelligence due to the global effect that these programs have.