Analysis of

Canada, there’s still time to rethink this risky expansion of euthanasia”


Jackson Nielsen

This editorial, published by the editorial board of The Washington Post, dives into Canada’s recent advancements in medically assisted suicides.  This medical procedure has been available in Canada for those whose death was reasonably foreseeable since 2016. But a recent proposal will soon make dying much easier for Canadian citizens. Soon, this procedure will be available to not only those with insufferable, physical ailments, but also for those who suffer from mental illnesses, such as depression and schizophrenia, as well. While I may be able to grasp physically suffering so much that the best option for someone is to take their own life, but I feel as though mental illness takes the medically assisted suicides too far. Furthermore, as a medical professional the goal is to save lives, not take them. So, these procedures go against the very standard that is expected to be upheld. This editorial touches on citizens arguing for freedom and autonomy of their own bodies which is a fair point. But in my eyes, people already have this freedom. If an individual is suffering so much that they feel it absolutely necessary to take their own life (which I do not agree with by the way), they do not need a medical professional to assist in this. I agree with what the editorial board of The Washington Post when they say that Canada is taking this procedure too far and that many people who attempt suicide and live often have regrets about their attempt and are happy to be alive. But with the help of hospitals, they will not have this second chance. If you wish to read more on this topic, you can find the article I have mentioned here.