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Ten Threads Accounts I Follow and Why

Jackson Nielsen

1. FloWrestling

I chose to follow FloWrestling on Threads because they are THE wrestling news account across all platforms. FloWrestling covers all levels of wrestling from high school all the way up to the senior level. They post multiple articles a day pertaining strictly to wrestling which interests me very much as I have wrestled my entire life.

2. The New York Times

The New York Times is one of the oldest newspapers in America as well as the second most circulated source of news. For this reason, I chose to follow the New York based news outlet as it has become a household name across the United States. Furthermore, they consistently post current events to their feed which is informative to the reader.

3. Filmatic

As Pa lover of movies and television, I felt it was only natural to follow a movie account on Threads. Filmatic is one of the largest movie accounts on Threads and they post a wide array of movie clips, photos and interesting facts about movie and television series. 

4. Canon USA

Canon is one of the top dogs in the camera market and has been for a very long time. As a lover of photography myself, I strictly use Canon cameras. This is why I chose to follow them on threads. This account posts camera-related content to their feed as well as information about contests and upcoming news.

5. UFC

UFC is the premiere mixed martial arts promotion. As a lover of all things combat sports, I figured it would be good to give this Threads account a follow. They post about upcoming fights as well as general news from within the company. This is a great account to follow to stay up to date on the current dealing of the UFC – directly from the source.

6. Matt Long

Matt Long is a prominent travel blogger who travels the world and documents his adventures. He has visited many awesome locations and gives his readers information about his stays such as where to stay and good places to eat. This is a great account to follow for those who love to explore!

7. Peter Greenberg

Peter Greenberg is another person who has made a living through journalism and travel. He is an Emmy-award-winning producer, writer, radio broadcaster, and television correspondent as well as the current travel editor for CBS News. He frequently posts travel related Threads as well as short videos. Lastly he often posts links to articles on his personal website where he has more expansive travel related content. 

8. FloGrappling

Similar to FloWrestling, and owned by the same parent organization, FloGrappling is the Jiu Jitsu version of FloWrestling. This account posts an array of information pertaining to the biggest tournaments and the biggest names in the world of grappling. This account often posts links to articles on their website where the viewer can get a more in-depth look at articles.

9. The Washington Post

This is another news source that I chose to follow as it is often good practice to have more than just a single news source. The Washington Post is based out of Washington D.C. and has been publishing since 1877. On their account, you will find the most up to date news about the current dealings in the world. From sports to politics, you can find it all on The Washington Post’s Threads.

10. Dave’s Travel Corner

 This last account is another travel blogger. He has an extensive blog about his travels all over the world as well as guides, photos, and videos. If you haven’t been able to tell yet, I love to travel and see new places and try new things. So it was only natural for me to gravitate to Threads accounts who share a similar passion. They inspire wanderlust within and make me want to get out and explore!